The 1968 Exhibit: George McGovern--the last of the last

George McGovern has died-- the last living "hopeful" for the 1968 nomination for president who is featured in the "1968 Exhibit."


McGovern--who would go on to win the nomination as Democratic candidate for president in 1972-- stepped into the race for the nomination in 1968 after Robert Kennedy was killed in June.  RFK had seized the mantle of  the "anti-war" candidate from Eugene McCarthy, and it's not clear that McGovern thought at that point that he had any place in the contest.   But after the loss of RFK, and the fading of McCarthy, McGovern offered his name.  

It was a short-lived effort.  The Democratic machine united behind Humphrey, maginalizing both McCarthy and McGovern, and HHH emerged the nominee.