The 1968 Exhibit: Visiting the 1968 Exhibit

How long should a class spend in The 1968 Exhibit? Plan on spending about 45 minutes to 1 hour in the 1968 galleries.

How can I best bring a large group through the exhibit? Although The 1968 Exhibit is arranged from January through December, classroom teachers may want to start small groups of students at each of the 12 months to prevent crowding.  Additionally, there are 3 cultural "lounge" areas containing music, media, and consumer information from 1968, so students can be divided in as many as 15 groups.

Are their activities for my students to do? While the exhibit contains hands-on components, there are also Ready To Use  classroom activities for middle and high school students. These activities work from any starting point in the exhibit. Please note that you must download and copy your choice of activity before you visit. Encourage your students to bring their smart phones!  They can upload the monthly timelines for later perusal - and learning - at home.

Anything else I should know? You may want to review the classroom supports before you visit. While at the exhibit, students can begin work on a Graphic Novel Project story described below. The advanced graphic organizer features 8 project ideas to choose from, but you can find many additional discussion questions.