The 1968 Exhibit: Using the 1968 Website

The resources below are intended to be flexible. Use the Interactive Timeline, the 1968 Blog or Share Your Reflections as introductory pieces or as research tools. If you've never taught the 1960s, give the week-long curriculum in Classroom Supports a try. Read through our Discussion Questions and begin your class with a single, provocative question. Download the beginner or advanced graphic organizers as website assignments. If you've taught the 1960s before, try something new with the Graphic Novel Project. Examine multiple perspectives with the Oral History Project readers theater lessons. Pre-development research on the 1968 Exhibit indicated there were two groups most interested in the 1960s: 50 and older, and today's teenagers…your students. So what are you waiting for? Let them loose on our website. Better yet, come and experience the The 1968 Exhibit firsthand.