The 1968 Exhibit: Share Your Story

Here is the chance for you to answer the question: what’s your 1968 story? A major goal of The 1968 Exhibit is to foster an ongoing dialogue with visitors, making the exhibit itself a work-in-progress to reflect the contested and unsettled review of the Sixties themselves.

It was a year when war raged, angry protests erupted everywhere, assassinations sent shock waves around the world, and images of the whole Earth were beamed back from space for the first time.

Were you there? How old were you? Where did you live? Are you the child or grandchild of a "child of the sixties?" What stories did they tell you? How does their experience reflect on you?

Against all the turbulence, life went on. Babies were born, Little League games were played, and ordinary people went to work each morning. People say that the events of 1968 “rocked the world.” What happened in your world that year?

Tell us.